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Detail Services

Car Wash Company, LLC is proud to be a partner with Meguiar’s for detail products. Meguiar’s is the world’s leading surface care manufacture to the dealership and car care enthusiast market. For over 100 years, Meguiar’s has grown through one person telling another about the remarkable results they got from using Meguiar's products.
Car Wash Company, LLC is pleased to be the only Focused Detailer Distributor, offering a full line of products, in Alabama and the panhandle of Florida. We purchase direct from Meguiar’s, Inc. unlike most PBE suppliers and distributors who buy as jobbers from local warehouses. We also have exclusivity to four Detailer products in our area through this program, Super Soap, All Purpose Cleaner Plus, Water Based Dressing, and Solvent Based Dressing. These four products are the essential building blocks of automotive reconditioning at the professional level. Meguiar’s has an ongoing commitment to create more exclusive products in months to come.
We are also proud to offer on-site training and certification, enthusiast and new car clinics, product dispensing applications, OSHA regulatory compliance programs, local car show support, and profit center programs. Sign up for our newsletter for promotions and product updates or contact us if you are interested in any of our services.

Profit Center Programs

Meguiar’s has begun the rollout of its much-anticipated Windmaster Signage Program. This All-new program allows dealerships and car washes to feature trusted Meguiar’s products and signage. Meguiar’s Windmaster Sign Program allows authorized dealers to display modern graphic signs to promote new “Featured Services” performed by your certified detail department. The Meguiar’s brand will create instant brand awareness with car care enthusiasts, who recognize Meguiar’s as the world’s most trusted surface care expert. Featured Services are designed to be an additional profit center. Depending on your facility, time and staff, the services can range from “Ultimate Detail”(6 hours) to “Rich Leather Treatment”(30 min). You pick what best fits your business.

 Download Meguiars Retail Detail Flyer